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Chief Data Officer

Mr. Shehan Akmeemana is the Chief Data Officer of Pluribus Inc., a big data, geospatial analytics company headquartered in McLean, Virginia.  Mr. Akmeemana is an experienced leader and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience working with large enterprise organizations, with a focus in financial services.  His most recent experience has focused on creating and driving a roadmap and architecture for a SaaS analytics platform for unstructured data. The previous 13-14 years have been focused on designing, creating and managing data storage with a focus on analytics and metrics.  Mr. Akmeemana has  a keen ability to understand requirements and plan for future when creating solutions, which directly enables him to solve today’s challenges and the unseen ones of tomorrow. He has managed various teams from production support to development and sales engineering, and his early background in integration and consulting helped shape his customer-first approach to solving problems.


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