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Providing a personalized, safer world for each person!



Pluribus Inc. is a big data, 

geosocial & geospatial analytics company.  Founded in 2019, we specialize in making the complex simple, the obscure plain and the unknown known.  We do this through a combination of talent and technology, all to derive keen insights that help you live a better life.  

02 / IBN

Identity-Based Navigation® is our specialty, focusing on your unique characteristics and how they relate, correlate and interrelate within the settings of your preference, present and future.  We help YOU navigate more efficiently and productively; we give you insights about where you are (or plan to go), based on who YOU are; and we bring a personalized and optimized world to you, based on who YOU are.


OurWays is a 21st-century, A.I. & 5G-enabled, geosocial, navigation application currently under development by our award-winning team of full-stack developers, data scientists, research psychologists, geospatial analysts and innovation experts.  OurWays will incrementally deliver a revolutionary technology and capability to each and every person in the world, making the world a safer and better place for all.  That is our dream; that is our vision; that is our mission; and that is our overwhelming and obsessive passion!

Our Tech

04 / ANJEL Tech

ANJEL Tech is a cloud-based, GPS-enabled, live-streaming and recording, Personal Security Service, created in direct response to the 25 May 2020 killing of Mr. George Floyd. We created ANJEL Tech to provide you and your loved ones with additional safety and security; to help your children live and grow into adulthood, meeting their expected life milestones (school graduation, marriage, family / children, career, home-ownership, etc.); and to help prevent / reduce those unaccountable "deeds of entitlement" and acts of violence that deny you and your loved ones your inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Visit for more information.

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COVID-19 Tech
05 / COVID-19 Tech

SAiFEGUARD is a proprietary technology under development by Pluribus Inc., in direct response and opposition to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the underlying Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).  In an effort to assist the global community in fighting this scourge, our team of scientists and developers is creating a system of COVID-19 risk assessment, monitoring and accountability for those service providers most vulnerable to this disease: first-responders and other public servants.  We are proud to lend our talents and technology to this fight, and we will prevail, together!



We were created to tell every person in the world where they are, based on who they are; to help every person in the world make smarter decisions about where they go and how they get there, based on who they are; to make the world a safer and better place for each and every person, based on who they are; and to lead the world in Identity-Based Navigation.


Intelligent, Identity-Based Navigation® for human- and machinekind.


Through enabling technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain and the internet of things (IoT), we believe a new epoch of human, machine and interrelated connectivity is on the near horizon. Foreseeing this convergence and positioning ourselves to be an industry leader in this new environment, we are pioneering new methodologies of data science, data analytics, decision science, and geosocial & geospatial awareness. And because we believe there's no real design, only redesign, we're leveraging the history of these elements to (re-)apply them with new technological augmentation.


TRUTH: We present and represent The Truth in all things.

RESPECT: We respect each other; we respect you; we respect your life.

UNDERSTANDING: We seek to understand all settings, all people, all things.

SERVICE: We serve you; we serve humanity.

TEAMWORK: We work together as a team; we are honored to be on your life team.



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Tel: 571-380-4740

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